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 ok world, brace yourself. 

Claymates- my apologies.  I’m sure you’ve already taken this story and ran with it like an outta shape asthmatic kid chasing after an ice cream cart – so i apologize for being a little late in getting the news.  

 I don’t know if any of you remember this dorky young sapling, who was but merely an American idol auditionee once upon a time… but uh, he went on to become ungodly famous and serenade us with various a sentimental tune.  he also somehow managed to be turned into somewhat of a sex symbol (see exibit b).

And if you didn’t know that, then i’m sure you don’t know this.  Since the inception of Clay Aiken’s career, there has been much speculation about Clay’s heterosexuality – or lack thereof.  Every interview in which he has been asked the “gay” question, he simply responded with something such as “this is my private life, people can say whatever they want.”   Ok.  Sure.  That’s fair.  But come on!  Throw us a bone Clay!  All the little girlies wanna know is if they stand a chance or not! They’re aiken for an answer!  Blessed Respite! 



Well as it turns out, Clay Aiken is having a baby!! 


more importantly, with a woman! 

finally the Heavens have shone down upon us and revealed an answer. 


Not.  so.  fast. 


1. The woman is his roommate.

2. And she’s forty-ish. 

3. And she’s being artificially inseminated. 






What the ?  well.  i guess that solved nothing.  and as for all the girlies out there…

 the jury is still out.  

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