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counselor-couch1I remember the first time I went to a shrink.  My boyfriend at the time insisted I go since I was making him go.  The difference between him and I was that he was a bipolar crazypants and I was an innocent bystander to his madness.  But being the five-star girlfriend I was,  I went anyway.  As long as he was paying for it. [because are you kidding me? I don’t just have piles of gold bricks at my disposal to pay for pity counselling to oblige my soon to be ex-boyfriend

[And I say soon-to-be because what am I?  A saint?]

After the first five minutes, the counselor [she was a female, so…counselorette?]  basically reiterated everything I had been stressing my parents out about for years.  She told me I was a perfectionist and people pleaser.  And then she asked me why I was like that

And then I told her that’s what I was supposedly paying her for.  my boyfriend was supposedly paying her for.

And then I left her.

And then my boyfriend suggested couples counselling.

And then I left him.


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