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A 5’7 267 lb. red-bearded, rather portly man convicted of raping and murdering two women [and scheduled to die on Oct. 14] is contesting that he is too fat, yes, too fat to die.   Poor Richard Cooey faced lethal injection five years ago and they had problems with his veins.  He says that with all the additional weight gain [what they feedin you up in that prison, boy?]  it will be even more of a challenge now,  and the lethal injection won’t be as effective.  Call me bold, but dare I raise the question, “then can’t we just give him more?”  I’m so confused, I mean, why is this an issue?  Why am I even talking about this?   Wait, we’re just trying to kill him, right?


"can't you see, i'm clearly TOO FAT to die!"

"can't you see, i'm clearly TOO FAT to die!"
















His attorney also says his migraine medicine will negatively affect the execution process and it will lessen the affect of the injection, causing him to feel a lot of pain… um, I’m sorry, hold the phone – I’ll be right back...


just happened!?   Yea, I guess I see his point.  It would suck to suffer from a migraine while you’re being put to death…  OR maybe the reason it would suck is because you’re staring an inevitable, unknown, eternal doom right in the eyes?    Oh, poor wittle Richard…oh wait, I mean, poor waaaaaay too fat Richard.

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