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The fact that my everyday life [from the hours of 8-4:30] is a mirror image of The Office is beside the point.   Last Monday, I arrive at work to find myself in the middle of Customer Service Appreciation week, which was kicked off by my boss wearing a Hawaiian shirt while cooking us breakfast (except he didn’t accidentally grill his foot in a George Foreman).  I’m a part of the “fun committee” or in Office terms the “party planning committee.”   My manager really pushed to have “Cowboy day” because he had a cowboy shirt that he wanted to wear.  We told him nobody had anything cowboy-ish, but he could wear it anyway.  He didn’t. Wednesday was hat day, and at the end of the day everyone who was wearing a hat had to line up against the wall and have our picture taken for our department homepage.  Every time we were supposed to smile, I held up my name plate in front of my face and no one ever noticed.   More on that later.


I have this next conversation about seventeen times a day, and it raises some major concerns in my mind about what century we are living in:


Me:  Thank you for calling _____, how may I help you?

Her:  Account balance.

Me:  OK. your name please?

Her:  Smith.

Me:  and your NAME please?

Her:  OH….. Jane.

Me:  Thank you.  The last four of your social?

Her:  My husband’s is 5432.

Me: sigh.  And the last four of YOUR social?

Her: oh, MINE…. Hmm… let me think.

Me: sigh.

Her:  Well, it’s probably under my husband’s.

Me:  You are the one calling.  The fact that you can tell me your husband’s information does not help me verify that I’m talking to you.  I need YOUR SOCIAL #$%#^%#!!!

Her: Um, ok, it’s um, 7654 I think.

Me:  thank you.



And all of this time, I thought it was no longer 1820, and women were actually considered people.  But every time I think I understand something…  someone has to go and prove me wrong.


On Hippie Day,  I went as an anti-hippie and wore this shirt:



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